Traumatic brain injury for horse kicking in pediatrics neurosurgery brazilian experiencie

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de Paiva T.1, Santos G.2, Alves A.3,  Oliveira M. 4, Ladeia C.5, Nunes N.2, Pereira C.6


            Describe a case series of pediatric patients with head injury by horse kicking, TBI cause few reported in the literature. This is a retrospective study that exposes the neurosurgical experience in patients under 16 years old, victims of TBI by horse kicking, in a Brazilian trauma reference hospital. 16 patients were analyzed, predominantly male, mean age 8.18 years-old. Most had mild TBI on admission. The most frequent involved skull region was frontal (62.5%). The average hospital stay was 12.7 ± 3.94 days, no case of neurological deterioration was reported. Determining factors of worsening outcome were not identified, and clinical outcome was satisfactory when compared to other TBI etiologies, even after three months of follow up, using Pediatric GOS-E. In this study, TBI by horse kicking show a mild trauma mechanism as well as has a possible favorable outcome.

Key Words:Brain injury, Pediatric, Skull fractures, Horse kick, Head trauma


  1. Neurosurgery Department of  Surgery Hospital  and Emergency of Aracaju, SE, Brazil
  2. Neurosurgery Department. Ribeirão Preto Santa Casa Hospital, SP, Brazil
  3. Neurosurgery Department. IAMSPE Hospital, SP, Brazil
  4. Medical Student, Medical School of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil
  5. Neurosurgeon. Foundation of Neurology and Neurosurgery / Institute of the Brain
  6. Major Professor of FBHC Neurosurgery Service and Neurosurgeon member of HUSE Service. Aracaju, Sergipe.