Scoliosis experience with high-grade cephalic halo-femoral traction and merger with previous approach and arthrodesis transthoracic retropleural posterior transpedicular.

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Gomez N.1, Krivoy J. 2, Damas A.3, Avila A.4



            To determine the results of the clinical and radiological outcome of surgical treatment more often for the correction of scoliosis patients with high-grade adolescents in the Department of Surgery of Spine and Orthopedics Hospital San Juan de Dios. Retrospective, descriptive study. Review of j26 patients with high-grade scoliosis, who underwent surgery between January 2010 and December 2014. The mean age was 13 years; 20 female and 6 male cases; 223 cases (50%) had idiopathic scoliosis and 109 (17%) congenital. Twenty-six patients had high-grade scoliosis and underwent cephalic halo-femoral traction and anterior fusion with transpedicular fusion by posterior approach; the most common types of curve was King type III (46%), with skeletal maturity range Risser 4 and 5. The average preoperative Cobb angle was 112 ° and 17 ° postoperatively; with reduction rate of 91%. 50% correction of coronal imbalance was obtained with 5 cases of increased regional kyphosis in 15%. 16 patients were found complicated: 4 (15%) cases of nonunion and kyphosis; without neurological damage. In 26 patients the angle decreased 63% in average. 75% are instrument vertebrae. .Conclusions: The reduction of scoliosis was higher with -femoral cephalic halo traction, anterior and posterior fusion maintaining spinal stability and balancing. High grade scoliosis, Spinal Instrumentation, Spinal Deformities.

Key Words: High grade scoliosis, Spinal Instrumentation, Spinal Deformities.

  1. Specialist in Neurosurgery. Address: Hospital Ana Francisca Pérez de León II.
  2. Specialist in Neurosurgery. Head of the Neurosurgery Department.Addres: Hospital Universitario de Caracas.UCV.
  3. Specialist in Orthopedics and Spine Surgery. Chief of the Spine Surgery Service.Addres: Hospital San Juan de Dios.
  4. Specialist in Neurosurgery. Head of the Neurosurgery Department. Addres: Hospital Universitario de Maracaibo.