A breast cancer metastasis in a meningioma

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Bentancourt V.1, Devita A.2, Spagnuolo E.3.



            8.5% of patients with an oncological disease will develop brain metastasis. The observation of  brain metastasis inside another tumor is an extremely rare event. The case of a patient with a metastasis of breast cancer found in a meningioma is reported.

A 57 years women with history of disseminated breast cancer, consulted for headaches, frontal syndrome and decreased visual acuity. Magnetic resonance showed an epidural tumor of the anterior floor of the skull base, isointense at T1 with heterogeneous enhancement with contrast. It was interpreted as a meningioma without ruling out a dural metastasis. It was resected. The pathology confirmed the presence of a adenocarcinoma metastasis in a meningioma.

Tire criteria must be fulfilled to talk about the presence inside another tumor: the existence of a primary tumor, the cells similarity of the secondary tumor with the tumor of origin and the presence of these cells inside a benign tumor. Meningioma is the most frequent tumor in which metastases can grow due to the rich vascularization and the presence of certain hormone receptors and adhesion molecules. The symptoms and imaging studies are not reliable to predict the pathology.

Although they are extremely infrequent their knowledge can help to suspect this entity, improving the prognosis.


Key Words: Meningioma, metastasis in a meningioma, breast cancer.


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