Endovascular reconstruction of internal carotid artery using pipeline flow-diverter for the treatment of giant oftalmic carotid aneurysm

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Salgado C.1



            With the implementation of endoprothesis reconstruction techniques for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms, the clinical results and prognosis of the patients have been more encouraging. This technique has been applied for the treatment of brain aneurysms where surgery is not feasible, giant aneurysms, wide-necked or blister-like aneurysms. A high degree of technical success has been described with the use of flow diverters, with a very low rate of associated morbidity, recurrence, and mortality. It describes the first case performed in Guatemala of arterial endovascular reconstruction with the self-expanding flow-diverter “Pipeline Flex” for the endovascular treatment of giant cerebral aneurysm.


Key Words: giant aneurysm, flow-diverter, endovascular neurosurgery


  1. Neurorradiología Intervencionista, Unidad de Rescate Cerebral,Guatemala, Guatemala CA